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Zero Harm HSE

Building Sites are like Oil Tankers they don’t want to stop but then again they don’t have to!

There will always be a time when your site manager telephones in sick or is unavailable the morning of a concrete pour, or you may have a time when you need to keep a retail project-site open after shop trading hours – for all of those times, we are experienced, kitted up and can be there at short notice to help you.
The festive season and the summer break are both just around the corner, maybe your regular bloke is ready to take a well-deserved holiday and yet the counting of days in a contract doesn’t stop for holidays. We have the experience and the expertise to be able to help you keep your project on track and your progress payments in the crosshairs.
If liquidated damages is on the horizon or if you need that important and reliable on-site support now or in the festive season, call us today on 0400 258 452 and we will be there to help you achieve all your construction targets and to kick all of your progress payment goals.

There is a reason why someone receives 28 Construction Excellence Awards, but let’s make it 29 anyway.

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SBDC customer service award Bench Marked with the Service Industry, a good measure.

Sample of projects site managed without incident. Some between Christmas and New Year.

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When the project has to definitely positively be  finished on time!